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Investors want to understand how your company is going to deliver in a marketplace full of competitors. Show them a dynamic presentation that is inspiring and without the usual long blocks of bullet points. Use our templates to create eye-catching and highly persuasive pitch deck with ease.
Jerrold Sorg
MBA, Founder of PandaGo
Content Direction
Unlike others, our template structure is based on an analysis of 70+ of the top startup pitch decks from many different industries. Every slide comes with the example of our company's story. This way you won't even have to think twice about what to write.
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I expect a pitch deck to be accurate, simple and well structured. It must follow a storyline and speak to the personality of the brand. Pitch Deck Template delivered everything I asked for and more!
Presentation and Reading Versions
Our template is now available in two versions. Presentation version is what supports your verbal pitch and designed to be as to the point and simple as possible. The reading version is a more detailed overview of your startup and what you can use to send over email.
presentation and reading version pitch deck template
I've been searching for something like this and I'm glad I finally found it. I love the way you walk through the process and layout of each chapter. The template is AWESOME.
Tyra Gizzi
Founder of QWallet
Modern Functional Design
Build a pitch deck you can be confident will sell your investors, with our 100 zero-hassle premade eye-catching slides. They cover every essential pitch deck element you could think of. And as a bonus, you'll get a library of 700 built-in icons, popular device mockups and maps.
modern functional design pitch deck template
It's a real one stop shop. Using Pitch Deck Template allowed me to focus on research and data and worry less on the deck design. Excellent value for the dollar. Thanks!
Ana Lawrence
Founder of Smoothzy
Easy to Edit
You have full range with every element of the template. So you can create a pitch deck that's as unique as your business. All you need to get started is PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. (pro-tip: google slides is totally free to use).
easy to edit pitch deck template
I absolutely love the template. I am not a super PowerPoint user, but editing the template was so simple!
Nevet Hasadeh
User Interface Designer

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I'm always amazed by what you've made available as a resource. I've gone from using Pitch Deck Template for personal business use, to helping out other colleagues... and even my clients!
Rahul Rueb
Founder of Pic Pen
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It's loved by 400+ happy customers, from startup founders to top university professors. And supported by 800+ votes on ProductHunt.
Pitch Deck Template helped me to realize the best ways to pitch my concept! I hardly had to work, they give you all the ideas.
Damien Le Thiec
Founder of Liivy
Pitch Deck Template saved me tons of time and gave me a finished product I was proud to present. It's such an amazing tool for a successful investor presentation.
Karl Heid
Founder of LevelTwo
Let them see what a rockstar company are you going to start.
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Pitch Deck Template made and supported by our founder Vasyl Slobodian. The template development was inspired by Vasyl experience working with dozens of startups on crafting their presentations for both private investor meetings and demo day pitches.