The Pitch Deck

Startup financing is changing rapidly and it is no longer entirely dependent on angel investors and venture capitals. With crowdfunding platforms and new financial technology emerging all the time, entrepreneurs now have more options for financing than ever before. But one thing remains certain, whatever your seeding round looks like, your business should start life as a pitch deck.

Purpose of a Pitch Deck

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A pitch deck is a short presentation, a visual breakdown of your business model. It is usually created in PowerPoint or Keynote and delivered in a PDF format. Your pitch should tell a story; it should excite potential investors, giving them the information they need to decide whether to risk their capital on your startup.

Creative and flexible, a pitch deck can be quickly revised, making it easy to adjust the business model to the needs of a changing market or tailor the pitch to specific investors.

The Pitch Deck vs. The Business Plan

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The traditional business plan was once the gold standard for seeding rounds. It provided investors with detailed forecasts, carefully planning every aspect of a startup launch and predicting returns years into the future.

Shorter than a business plan, a pitch deck delivers only the most relevant information. It is not a detailed plan of growth but a brief introduction to a business that's full of potential. You'll only see financial forecasts, competitor, and market research in around two-thirds of pitch decks. Instead, investor pitches focus on the idea, the problem that idea solves, and the team that will make it a reality.

When you are creating your first pitch deck, it's important to understand the difference between planning your business and pitching it. A pitch focuses on the possibilities; a plan on the details. Pitches adapt to changes in the market; plans try to predict those changes.
Twitter quote pitch deck should paint a picture of the world your product will create
Pitch deck should paint a picture of the world your product will create.

Your Venture's First Prototype

A pitch deck isn't just for securing funding. Writing your ideas down, defining your business and summarizing all that you want to achieve in less than 20 slides forces you to consider how practical your idea really is. It highlights any initial problems, gives you an opportunity to find solutions, and strengthens your business model. In the early stages of a startup, there is no faster or cheaper way to build your business than a pitch deck.
Illustration Pitch Deck Template Guide Your Ventures First Prototype
A pitch deck is a prototype for your venture. It provides enough detail for other people to quickly understand your idea, allowing your friends, family, and colleagues to offer relevant advice, identify obstacles and suggest improvements. This type of presentation can be swiftly and easily adapted to incorporate new ideas, so when you do come to launch your business, you have a strong prototype and the best possible chance of success.
For many startups, the pitch deck is everything, particularly in the pre-seed stage. Working out the details – untangling the great ideas from those that are unrealistic or unnecessary – is the first step to creating a successful business. Fast, cheap and low risk, the prototype pitch deck is critical for transforming a great startup idea into a realistic business model.
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