Don't underestimate the importance of the of finishing touches. You've spent hours on your presentation deck, investing just a few more in the delivery stage will ensure investors take note.

Tips for a Printed Deck

When it comes to the printed deck, presentation is everything. Take your deck slides to a print shop and get them properly bound. This shows investors how serious you are, and means your deck will remain neat and ordered no matter how many people thumb through it.

We recommend steel binding, which is the professional standard. If you can not find a print shop with a steel binder, then spiral binding is the next best option. Avoid comb binding, which can fall apart and do not, under any circumstances, use a staple.
Print your deck onto a heavy weight paper, we recommend over 120gsm, which makes your deck feel like a high-quality product. It is also less likely to cause paper cuts (an added benefit to investors). Each slide should have a page of its own, and you should include an additional 'overview' page which displays all the slides together for easy viewing.

Tips for a Digital Deck

A digital presentation has one crucial difference to the printed deck; it can be viewed on screens as small as five inches and as large as 21.
illustration to pitch deck template guide tips for a digital deck
Smaller than Keynote and PowerPoint files, a PDF is the best format to deliver your digital deck in. The layout remains the same across Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems, plus you have the added benefit of a password protection option which gives you some degree of control over who views your deck.

We recommend using, an analytics dashboard for documents that lets you keep track of who read your deck and how long they spent on it. It is also useful to host your deck on a cloud service like Dropbox and provide investors with an access link since this allows you to update the deck even after investors have received it.
The delivery of your presentation deck is important. A professional, well formatted reading deck shows investors that you are serious, experienced and committed to your venture.
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