Getting Started with Pitch Deck Template

Well hello, my entrepreneurial friends, and well done for discovering Pitch Deck Template! I won't waste column inches introducing myself – all you need to know is that I'm the Maker, a fellow business founder who knows what it feels like to be just starting out. My job is to help you create a killer business deck and get your venture funded.

Right then, let's get started...
Pitching for success

Presentation template, business deck, deck slide… call it what you will, the pitch deck is the most important asset your startup owns. It's going to show investors that you know your stuff and (if you get it right), it's going to turn your great idea into a living, breathing business.

"Investors invest in businesses, not products." At least, that's how the old saying goes. In my experience, that's rubbish – investors invest in people. People like you that make money for them, so don't be afraid to let your personality shine through in your slide deck. This is your business plan, and it's got one purpose: convince investors to back you.

Think of your pitch deck as a business strategy and you won't go far wrong. With a choice of slide designs, graphics, and color palettes, the Pitch Deck Template is all about showcasing your business at its best. I'm a huge fan!

Of course, the Pitch Deck Template can't do it all for you – investors want to see more than impressive designs and flashy graphics. It's up to you to prove you've thought through every eventuality, know how to avoid common startup mistakes, and can demonstrate exactly how your business will make money. This is the tricky part but, if you know your stuff, a stellar pitch is yours for the making.
Tailor-made business decks

Different investors will focus on different elements of a venture, so you're going to need a few versions of your pitch deck up your sleeve.

To my mind, a reading deck and pitching deck are the bare minimum. If you're not sure what else you need, then quick flip through the presentation templates will give you a great idea of what investors expect and the options available to you. Venture Capitals (VCs) are likely to want growth forecasts and strategies, while Angels will focus more on consumer needs or the journey to purchase.

Don't worry if it all sounds hideously technical at this point; we'll cover the individual presentation slides in a bit. For now, all you need to know is that, whatever you need from your business pitch, you'll find the perfect slide in the Pitch Deck Template.
Let's re-cap...

Your pitch deck is the fastest, easiest way to explain your business to investors. You can show them technical info like market size and cash flow forecasts, and still capture their imagination with the creative brilliance of your idea – providing you nail the deck slides.

So, how do you boil one great idea with bucket loads of potential into less than 20 slides?!
Finding Your Element

VCs and Angels see hundreds of mediocre presentations a year; my job is to make sure yours isn't one of them. Including the right elements in your business deck keeps investors engaged and demonstrates that you know what they're looking for (i.e., a low-risk return on their investment).

Investors want to see that you know your business, market, and any potential pitfalls or challenges that lie ahead. No two pitches are the same, but all the great ones I've seen have 10 slides in common:
  • Title Slide. Obvious, right?! Make this one eye-catching and be sure to include contact info, this is the slide you'll be standing in front of when they start asking questions.
  • Overview (a.k.a the elevator pitch). Keep it brief; no one wants to see more than 20 words on this slide.
  • Problem. How are your potential customers currently managing without you?
  • Solution. What will your business mean to its customers?
  • Business Model. This is the machine driving your venture, you'd better be able to prove it works.
  • Opportunity. Now's the time to show them what you know and prove investing in you isn't a risk.
  • Customer Acquisition. Where do your customers hang out, and how are you going to convince them to part with their cash?
  • Competition. Who else is out there fulfilling a similar need?
  • Your Team. Investors invest in people, remember? Show them that you guys can pull this off.
  • The Ask. This is the reason you're all here. What do you want and what are you offering in return?

These 10 slides are your must-haves, but you can spice up your deck with a host of other options. I always advise founders to pick the ones that make the most sense to them… and don't be afraid to experiment! It's impossible to know what works without trying it.
Building your business deck

If you thought choosing the right deck slides was hard, try arranging them! I have two rules for this stage: tell a story and define your ask. Investors don't want to know the intricate workings of each product, but they do want to know why you'll succeed and what it'll cost them to be a part of that success.

Use the 'optional' slides to join the dots and flesh out the story. Trust your judgment and include slides that make sense to you. After all, you know your venture better than anyone else.

Personally, I'm a big fan of The Mission statement. It's a short, snappy one-liner that shows investors exactly what you will achieve. Just avoid comparing your venture to something else that's already out there. "Uber for auto mechanics" is about as boring and uninspiring as it gets. If the Airbnb guys can sum up a venture no one has any concept of in one sentence, so can you.

Don't forget to build your pitch and reading decks separately. Your reading deck will have to fend for itself and typically includes a little more info. The pitching deck has you on hand to fight its corner, so you can afford to be brief.
The Devil's in the detail...

...Well, the design at least. This is the part that takes most entrepreneurial folks days (if not weeks) to master. The good news is, Pitch Deck Template has done it all for you.
With an almost limitless choice of preloaded graphics, color palettes, layouts, and images, this business pitch template makes it pretty damn difficult to fail at the design. Which is great news, because nothing turns an investor sour quicker than a rubbish slide deck presentation.

When it comes to formatting, keep your margins even, your font simple (and large), and your colors to a minimum. I can't emphasise this enough: your business deck design must enhance your message, not obscure it. This is something the guys at Pitch Deck Template know all too well so trust their design suggestions – they're the experts. Don't just take my word for it… get a sneak peak at the slides ready and waiting for you in the pitch deck. Download My Free Preview.

The only thing the presentation template can't do is add content for you. Keep your words to a minimum and use pictures where you can. I'm a huge fan of the maps in Pitch Deck Template – you only need a handful of words to show investors how you'll achieve world domination.

Remember: your pitch deck is a living, breathing, changing entity. So expect to be tweaking it daily during seeding rounds. Oh! And for goodness sake, always send a reading deck as a PDF. It opens in everything, and you don't have to worry about capricious machines fiddling with your formatting.
A final word (or two)
Never give up! No one achieves success straight out the starting gate but, with the Pitch Deck Template behind you and my tips at your disposal, you've got all the tools you need to succeed.

Written by Mr. Maker

Mr. Maker's energy feels contagious and his wits always buzz with new ideas. Maker doesn't like talking a lot about mere concepts or strategic planning. This is the man of action – he goes straight to conquering and validating his assumptions.

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Written by Mr. Maker

Mr. Maker's energy feels contagious and his wits always buzz with new ideas. Maker doesn't like talking a lot about mere concepts or strategic planning. This is the man of action – he goes straight to conquering and validating his assumptions.

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